About Me !

General about me...
Hi my name's Paula I'm 15, I was born in Poland and I lived there until I was 8 then I moved to UK. That's my home town: Tczew, Poland.
I'm really into DIY even though I am hopeless at it, I get my friends to help me with it so it's all good :)
Hello everyone ! 
I love fashion and making my own creations.
The only reason I decided to make this blog is because I have been looking at people's blogs recently and I have noticed how cool it is to share with people 
what you do, like and think!
So, I said to myself : Hey I should make one too! Who cares that 
no-one will look at it, it's going to be my public, online diary :D

I reaaaallyyy love listening to music , like half the world's population...
But yeah! Everyone tells me that my style choices are weird... 
I agree with them because I ABSOLUTELY adore Skrillex, which
is Dubstep. Also I really like Dog is Dead which is a totally 
different kind of music !

I also like drawing and creating... Hey, what do you think creating is ?
I create videos for mine and my best friends' youtube channel!
It's mostly a comedy channel and we just like to have a laugh...
If you like that kind of stuff then go and check it out!
you can also check her blog out:
I also really like taking pictures.. even though I'm hopeless at it.
haha ;D

You might wonder why my blog is called CherryGoldBerry... well the answer is simple :) I really like cherries and berries, they also rhyme! My first thought was CherryBerry but that just sounds lame and too simple, so I looked around and I saw gold patterns on my coat, then suddenly the light bulb in my head turned on :D and I thought CherryGoldBerry! PERFECT! 

Enjoy xx

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