Friday, 12 December 2014

Films to Watch in December

Christmas is coming by sooner and sooner, the time from sun rise to sun set is increasingly shorter and so I'm trying to make the most of it all the time. 
Not everything goes to plan obviously but once it does get dark there's something about the warmth of my bed or sofa and the Christmas lights on the tree that makes me want to just stay there, doing nothing with a mug of cherry and cinnamon tea in my hand. 
And what goes best with that? I say a good film to get you lost for a while...
Here's some films that I would watch this beautiful December!

Home alone!
Obviously! What a classic.. You know it's Christmas when you watch that with all your family on a Sunday night. It really brings that sprinkle of Christmas magic which will get everyone in the house happy and singing Carols. It's just perfect!

Yes! Yes! YES!
My favorite film! It's one of them films that you have to watch.. especially if you enjoy the classiness of the 60s! Also, if like me, you love Audrey Hepburn then you must watch it.. like now! :)

Let's go back to 2004!
Such a funny film, a must see on one of them nights when you just feel like having a laugh!
If you're not singing Jingle Bell Rock every time you see this film cover then you've not seen enough of them!

This is more for when you want to really get into the Christmas spirit.
Get your family around, light the fire, make some hot chocolate and enjoy because this film will take you on a journey, and remind you of what a beautiful time of the year it is!
There's not much I can say about this. Pure Christmas magic, especially if you have younger kids in the house... you need to watch it! But don't let little children be your only excuse to watch it ;)
This film, based on a true story will give you goosebumps and bring a tear to your eye.
It's really proof that Christmas time is the most magical time of the year!

Well here it is for now.. all my favorites summed up in one post.. I will enjoy watching them and so should you!
Give yourself a break at least once in a while... watch a film :)

See you xx 

Pun of the Post: Q-What do you call a can opener?
A- A can't opener 

I'm so sorry :'D

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

I don't know if you're as excited as I am but ahhhh!
 Christmas is almost here, it's so close that I can smell it.
I'm not sure why but in the past three years, I didn't like Christmas one bit, I felt no magic and to be honest it didn't even feel like Christmas, which is sad but this year it's all different as you can probably tell. I feel like a five year old, who's looking out the windows at night to see the first star on Christmas eve and Santa at night. 
I was preparing for Christmas time since November, which was when I started wearing Christmas socks almost every day, and drinking cherry and cinnamon tea, and let me tell you... The taste is so festive, every time you take a sip and close your eyes you see Santa with his reindeer's.
Maybe a little over exaggerated but you can imagine, it tastes pretty fabulous.
Every morning as I get ready, I play Christmas songs and that puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. 
Many people, especially at my college, say things like "I don't get why you're so excited" or "Wow it happens every year, what's the great deal?"
The deal is that it only happens once a year, it brings families together AND you give and receive gifts!! and did I mention the good food? mmmmm :)

Today, I spent most of the day decorating the house with my step mum while singing along to Christmas songs. Definitely brought the magic into our house, we don't yet have our christmas tree up because we're going to do it together so it's a little more special!
Here's some pictures to show you how cute it looks so far!

I absolutely love it!
We have little apple and cinnamon air fresheners all around and it not only looks beautiful, it smells delicious too!

For now, see you!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

London Trip

During late October this year, me and my best friend (Ron) decided we'll go visit London...
 For a week..
It was such an amazing experience, so much fun and we lived together for a week without wanting to kill each other, I think that's an achievement!
Although I have been to London before, and so has she, I don't think we've ever experienced it like that before. There's a few things I learnt about London that I didn't know before and it was so so fun visiting all the touristy places! Here's some pictures from out week away :)
 Art Galleries are so much fun!
(wearing: H&M Dress, TK Maxx boots, New Look Jacket, Primark Bag, H&M Rings)

This is only a few pictures but London is awesome but strange, I never thought I would ever be on a bus at 2am! I would have never thought that art galleries are so much fun and so nice!
I would never have thought that I would fall in love with a city!
So beautiful!

See you later :)

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Dream a Little Dream...

Lately my dreams are much clearer plus I actually have them!
Seems like no biggie to you but to me it's a shock! I've not had many dreams in a long time and now that I do I can remember them so well it's unbelievable.. and scary at times!
So far I've had 3 very clear dreams over a short period of time, at most times I wake up confused, in tears or still thinking I'm in that dream.
I try to write them down as soon as I wake up but two of them were so confusing that I actually couldn't describe it in words, so there's probably not much point for me trying to describe something you wouldn't be able to understand hah. 
So I will tell you about the dream I had today..

So, I was walking down a road and through some bushes be he seemed to be pointing something at me, my eyesight wasn't great but just in case I hid behind some other bushes across the road. I see he's still pointing it at me so I start to run, he's running after me, I turn a corner and before I know it he's there, gun to my temple and I screamed "Why me? What have I done" he tells me to shut up and tells me that all teenagers are the same, he tells me about a hate tweet about him. I scream to him "but I wasn't me sir! I don't even use Twitter, all I want is to go home safely" he laughs to that and tells me he doesn't care, that we're all the same. He turns away to get a piece of paper out of somewhere and I decide to run. I run as fast as I can, keeping in mind how very out of shape I am, my throat hurts, I'm so out of breath. Then I hear him shout "oi bitch", I look behind and he's running after me, he's aiming his gun at me and he shoots a couple of shots. I'm not sure if I'm shot, I ache all over from running and regret that I haven't started jogging before. I go past an area of houses, knocking violently on every door while running away I scream "help" on the top of my lungs. I try running in zig zags so that I don't get shot, still screaming help.

 I see a man drive around the corner, he stops, I get in the car and scream go go go, he drives off fast and confused. He shouts "where now?!?" I scream back , in tears " i don't know, I don't know!" So he drives me to the hospital, confused and not knowing why, I go along with it... Maybe he thinks I need psychological help? Yeah I think so, must be that. We arrive at A&E, he helps me out the car, I thank him like 10 times and a nurse takes me away. I'm still shaking and I feel a sharp pain in my side, must be a stitch from all that running, I never ran so fast in my life. The nurse looks calms but moves fast, I try to tell her what's happened but he's not listening. I tell her to call the police, that he needs to be locked away, he's gonna kill other people but  the nurse reassures me that's everything is okay now. I'm on a wheelchair now, a doctor sees me as I shake uncontrollably, I'm still out of breath and I feel faint... He tells me to close my eyes, so I do... Probably a way of calming me down I think to myself. Then I feel a pinch in my arm, and by the time I opened my eyes, everything was blurry and I was falling asleep. I woke up in a hospital cloak, I hear my mum say it looks terrible, the doctor reassures her that it'll be okay.. I'm confused I try to get up but my side hurts so much that I can't. I look down and see a bandage, loads of blood on it and realize that I must have been shot, how have I not noticed? I press the wound and blood dribbles through the bandage, too much blood and I faint. 
This is when I woke up.

When I woke up, I felt like the dream was real life. Everything was so accurate, my poor fitness, my bad eyesight and my disgust to blood. I thought it was interesting once I looked back at it and read it through. Maybe, if I'll have anymore dreams I'll post them on here.. like a dream diary, that would be cool! 

Anyway, bye! :)