Monday, 3 December 2012

DofE and Care Home...

As today is a nice day, I thought that I would share with you guys,
what I do in my everyday life :)

The first thing I would mention is the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award,
basically what you do, for those people who don't know,
is that you do an hour of Sport, and hour of Skill and an hour 
of Service.
For my sport I do swimming, for my skill I do Karate and for my Service I do 
voluntary work in a care home.

Talking about the voluntary work, we are supposed to do 1 hour but usually 
me and a couple of friends that do it with me, stay for two or more hours.
This isn't because we have to, it's because we want to.
I really like going there because it makes me feel like I'm finally doing something
useful. Honestly, every single time we go in there all the residents are happy,
you can see the smiles rising on their faces when they see us. 
I know why they are so happy... 
It's because even some of their families don't have time or don't want to visit them,
and then there's 6 strangers coming in to see all of them every week.
We play games with them, give out tea and biscuits... 
also their favourite: sing and dance for them!!
Sometimes we would come in and talk because that's what they want.

At first they were like : ''Do you ladies go to every care home in the area ?'' or
''Is that your new job?'' 
But the truth is that now, that we have nearly finished our DofE, we still want to go 
and visit them every Friday or Saturday.
Before we leave we always hear things like : "You're all lovely" or "We really 
appreciate you coming here" and that's what we're looking for... Not money.